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The case for research in numbers

“There are considerable opportunities to make
significant strides in mental health research
in children and young people within the next
UK Department of Health and Social Care,  December 2017

The #1 cause of illness in young people is mental illness and 75% of all mental illnesses first occur before the age of 18. Despite this when compared to other areas of research expenditure on youngpersons mental health falls short.

1. 18% R&D as a % of sales on average for pharmaceutical companies Novartis, Pfizer and Roche

2. 13% R&D as a % of sales of Microsoft. Windows 10 is the 16th version of its operating systems since 1985. 30 years on it is still dominant.

3. 11% the amount UK cancer research charities invest as a % of NHS health expenditure on cancer. UK survival rates for cancer have doubled since the 1970s

4. 9% refurbishment as a % of sales for leading hotel group Macdonald Hotels

5. 1.5% the amount UK young people’s mental health research charities invest as a % of NHS spend on young people’s mental Health and Social Care Services. Common mental disorders have increased in young women by 35% over the last 20 years

6. Young person’s mental health research receives c.10% of the charitable funding it should receive

7. Estimate 15-20% of a school class in a poorer area are affected by mental health

8. 32% of the burden of disease in the under 25s is caused by mental illness

9. 75% of mental illnesses first occur under the age of 18

10. 93% of teachers who responded to our survey were concerned about pupil’s mental health