How we will spend your money on research. - Miricyl

How we will spend your money on research.

There are considerable opportunities to make
significant strides in mental health research
in children and young people within the next
UK Department of Health and Social Care, December 2017

The McPin Foundation and the James Lind Alliance are currently conducting research to uncover the 10 unanswered questions in young people’s mental health
• Patients and patient representatives, families, academics, educationalists, carers, and clinicians will work together
• The output will be compared with existing research and the gap identified
• Their goal is to publish the 10 unanswered questions by the end of 2018
Based upon this research, our Research Advisory Panel will help select research projects. Miricyl’s research panel.
• Professor Clair Chilvers, former Chair of Gloucestershire NHS Trust and founding Chair of Mental Health Research UK
• Professor Matthias Schwannauer Head of Clinical & Health Psychology and The Centre for Applied Developmental Psychology at the University of Edinburgh
• Professor Helen Minnis, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Glasgow University
All projects will go through a rigorous peer review process where experts in the particular field will pass judgment on the proposed research projects. Projects will be marked on academic excellence; track record; quality of proposal and cost and likely benefit.