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Fun events at work

The #1 cause of illness in children and young people is mental illness. Fund raise, volunteer, campaign or donate. Every step you take to help find cures for mental illness is a step closer to achieving equality for all people that are affected.

Do you want to help raise money for children and young people’s mental health research? Not everyone can do 5k runs and abseiling challenges, but there are many other easy ways you can get participate and connect with friends, family and your local community. Here are a few of our ideas on how you can get involved and raise money with friends, at work or at school!

At the Workplace
Fancy dress day – Liven up your work by starting your own fancy dress day! Pick a decade and have a throwback, dress up as your favourite celebrity or have a pyjama party. The list is endless! Ask people to donate to get involved.

Bake sale – The classic bake sale is always an easy choice if you want to raise money. Classic cupcakes, cookies, biscuits or tarts, this is a quick and easy way to brighten up any work day and support our cause.

Guess the baby – Ask everyone to bring in a photo of themselves as a baby and pay to guess who is who! A simple way to get everyone at the office involved and also get to know each other better.

With the community
Hold a car boot sale – Everyone has some unwanted clutter lying around the house, why not give it a good home? Car boot sales are easy to set up in your own front garden and you can ask family and friends to come along. You can even use social media in order to spread the word!

Film night – If you’ve got the space, why not host a film night? Invite family and friends round and ask them to pay a small donation for drinks and snacks! This could be a movie marathon or a themed film night and a good way to gather everyone together!

Car wash – How about doing something that many don’t want to do? Offer to wash your friends’, family’s or neighbours’ cars for a small fee! Use social media to let people know when and where you are doing it and how to donate!

For the Kids
Give up something – You can give up chocolate for a month, computer games for a week or even speaking for a day! Get creative and ask family and friends to support you and donate the money you have saved.

Sporting competition – Does your local park have a football pitch or a basketball court? Is there somewhere you and your friends like to dance or cycle or run? Make a competition out of it! Pick your favourite sport and have your friends compete to see who will win!

Treasure hunt – Create a treasure hunt with clues and prizes, this could be in your house, your garden or in your local park! It could be themed or filled with puzzles – the possibilities are endless! Ask your friends and family to pay to play and make a day of it!