Cycle for a Miracle 2018 - Miricyl

Research Pannel

There are considerable opportunities to make
significant strides in mental health research
in children and young people within the next
UK Department of Health and Social Care, December 2017

Why get involved?

Sarah, a 15 year old girl says to her mother “Mum I am hearing strange voices in my head.” Her mother replies. “Don’t tell anyone or else you might have to go to hospital.” You can help Sarah now.

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Fun events at work,
with the community or at school

Do you want to help raise money for children and young people’s mental health research? Not everyone can do 5k runs and abseiling challenges, but there ..

Fun events at work,
with the community or at school>

Get Fit for a Miracle

Sophie, a 20 year old student, is asked what it feels like to suffer from anxiety. “Oh, I can’t talk now my parents are next door and they might hear.” You can help Sophie and her family now.

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The 10 Friends Miricyl Challenge

“Why are you volunteering Steve?” I asked. “To be honest I have that many holes in my CV that I am finding it hard to get a job. So, I thought that volunteering would help.”

The 10 Friends Miricyl Challenge

Athletic challenges

“Have you told any of your other friends that you are on anti-depressants?” “Oh no,” Jesse said. “That would seem like I was weak.” You can help Jesse get support from her friends now.

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