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Crowd Justice for Mental Health

Join our campaign for equitable government funding for mental health research. Otherwise university researchers will lose £1.5bn over the next 10 years Click To Help Fight This Injustice Now

One of our Miricyl Workers talks about why this matters


Mental Health Discrimination

For too long there has been discrimination and shame around mental health problems in the UK. It just leaves such a bad taste in my mouth, knowing that the UK government is willingly and illegally underfunding Mental Health research by nearly £150 million. It’s relatively simple, we at Miricyl want to see the Equalities act of 2010 applied when research funding is being allocated. This would see increase funds and more money for research into anxiety, depression, self harm, eating disorders and so much more. It will also mean that allocating funds will also have to take into consideration, sex, age, race, sexual orientation and religion. It will be a much fairer way of distributing research money. It’s time for this horrible discrimination to stop. 

What we are doing

Miricyl with help from Leigh Day lawyers and a team of volunteers are taking the government to court to end this discrimination. And we need your help. Please if you have the time or anything to spare, please donate and share our story with your friends and family. Any help no matter how small is appreciated and we will make sure we fight for equality and parity for mental health funding in the UK.

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Rosa Parks successfully fought to end discrimination, so can we.

End the discrimination

When we take the Government to court and win, we will be in a strong position with the help of other mental health charities to force the government to apply the Equality Act and potentially increase mental health funding by £150 million. That funding can be used to do more vital research into the effects that so many hard working and honest people face on a day to day basis. It will drastically change peoples lives for the better and you can be a part of that. Please click the link below to help us and share our story.

Thank you J

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