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Athletic challenges

The #1 cause of illness in children and young people is mental illness. Fund raise, volunteer, campaign or donate. Every step you take to help find cures for mental illness is a step closer to achieving equality for all people that are affected.

From walks to ultra marathons and triathlons

Whether you’d like to run, jog or walk your way around, 5k (3.11 miles) is an achievable distance for all ages and abilities! With events and races across the UK, you won’t need to travel too far to find one. Find your event below and sign up now! 

Challenge yourself and brave a 10k event or a Half Marathon along with an exciting group of people coming together for great causes! Search for your race below.

One to tick off the bucket list – push yourself with a Marathon or add an extra distance with an Ultra Marathon throughout stunning locations both in the U.K. & abroad! Find your marathon below.

Triathlons and Cycling

Find a trialthlon to stretch you here or take on a two wheel challenge and create a miracle for mental health.