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10 Friends Miricyl

The #1 cause of illness in children and young people is mental illness. Fund raise, volunteer, campaign or donate. Every step you take to help find cures for mental illness is a step closer to achieving equality for all people that are affected.

True story

“Why are you volunteering Steve?” I asked. “To be honest I have that many holes in my CV that I am finding it hard to get a job. So, I thought that volunteering would help.” You can help Steve’s illness be treated like any other illness. Start a conversation about mental health today.

One person might raise £100. But what if you asked 10 friends to raise money with you…And they each asked 10 friends… and they each asked 10 friends. Then you could raise £100,000.

We want to fight for equality for mental health and fund research. Studies have found that ‘contact’ is the most effective strategy in creating equality for mental health. People should be of:

• Equal status
• Have the opportunity to get to know each other
• Exchange information which challenges negative stereotypes
• Actively co-operate
• Be in pursuit of a mutual goal

We want to invite you to take it one step further because we believe “Actions speak louder than words.” We want to invite you to fundraise. Typically this works best face to face between people of equal status.

An anthropologist, Alan Dunbar has suggested that people can on average keep up with 150 ‘friends.’ Above that number the social links get lost. That was in the 1990’s maybe social media has now changed this: but interestingly the average number of Facebook and Instagram friends and followers is about 150 each. For Twitter and Linkedin the number is higher.

Those people who would warm to the cause of mental health are probably closer than you think. 1 in 4 people will suffer from a psychiatric illness this year and 1 in 11 are already on antidepressants. They do not talk about it but c.30-40 of your friends have been touched by mental illness.

“I had known my friend for 12 years and he must have known for 10 or so years of my mental health condition. And then out of the blue he opened up to me about how depression affected him, his relationships and outlook on life.” He has a good job, a girlfriend, a flat. He is that sort of unflappable type. I had no idea he had been affected by mental illness.

You need to find 10 with a passion to fundraise with you to create your own miracle for mental health. Ok raising a £100,000 is ambitious. £10,000 is not so bad – you’ve got to get 10 friends to get 10 friends to raise £100. Try it as a group of friends or in the office. All donations, no matter how small, are welcome.

If you are afraid to advertise this at school, university or work – we understand. About half of people are unlikely to disclose a psychiatric illness over concerns for their job. If you are not out and proud we are not proud either. Hide. Fundraise for: a friend; a family member or in a group. Or come out and be proud!

You and your friends and family or work colleagues might wish to raise money because:

• You will have fun together
• You have a social conscience
• You are looking for a challenge
• You wish to right an injustice
• You have a personal interest in mental health

Whichever it is it’s time to stand up and be counted. Take the 10 Friends Miricyl Challenge.